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Moška članska reprezentanca @SloVolley na zgodovinskem turnirju #VNL pred zgodovinskim podvigom. Sledi spopad s tretjo reprezentanco z zadnjih olimpijskih iger #USA. #odbojka #Slovenija #Slovenia #sLOVEvolley #Rimini #volleyballnationsleague2021

I woke up from my nap to see Caribbean’s upset about Michael B. Jordan trademarking the word “j’ouvert” for his new rum that was inspired by Trinidad. 😅😅😅

Boy George, Paul Weller, J. Buckley & BBC Symphony Orchestra - You're Th... via @YouTube

Michael B. Jordan fixing him lips to say j’ouvert has no meaning is peak black capitalist/colonial behavior

Yooooo wtf Michael B Jordan on?! No. Absolutely not. J’ouvert! Really sir?! Ughhh

Why the heck is Michael B. J*rdan trying to trademark the name J'ouvert for his rum? He needs to be stopped.

im wildly confused on this michael b jordan thing… j’ouvert means “i open/im ooening” in french? does it mean something else to non-french ppl?

Russell Westbrook is officially the triple-double king All-time triple-doubles list: 1. Russ (182), 2. Big O (181), 3. Magic (138), 4. J-Kidd (107), 5. LeBron (99)

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Zhou Zhongge

Zhou Zhongge is a Chinese track and field coach and former high jumper. His personal best was 2.33 m (7 ft 7 1⁄2 in), set in 1990.

Matthew Hiltzik

Matthew Hiltzik is an American attorney, public relations and communications consultant, and the founder of the strategic communications and consulting firm Hiltzik Strategies, which represents high-profile organizations and individuals.

Michael Hiltzik

Michael A. Hiltzik is an American columnist and reporter who has written extensively for the Los Angeles Times. In 1999, he won a beat reporting Pulitzer Prize for co-writing a series of articles about corruption in the music industry with Chuck Philips.


Hiltzik is a surname.

Zhou Zuoren
Zhou Zuoren

Zhou Zuoren (16 January 1885 – 6 May 1967) was a Chinese writer, primarily known as an essayist and a translator. He was the younger brother of Lu Xun (Zhou Shuren), the second of three brothers.


Zhouzhuang is a town famous for its canals in Jiangsu province, China. It is located within the administrative area of Kunshan, 30 km southeast of the city centre of Suzhou.

Zhou Ziqi
Zhou Ziqi

Zhou Ziqi (17 November 1869 – 21 October 1923) was a Chinese educator and politician in the late Qing dynasty and early republican period. During the early part of the Republic, he served multiple roles: first in multiple ministry positions, (including Communication and Finance), as a diplomat, then as acting President of the Republic, and, for a time, as acting Premier in 1922, during Liang Shiyi's illness.

Zhou Zhiruo

Zhou Zhiruo is one of the two female lead characters in the wuxia novel The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber by Jin Yong. Jin Yong describes Zhou's physical appearance as "beautiful, pure and free of worldly traits".

Zhou (Zhang Shicheng's kingdom)

The Kingdom of Great or Greater Zhou was a state established in 1354 by Zhang Shicheng, one of the leaders of the Red Turban Rebellion. The Kingdom of Dazhou lasted for only 13 years and had only one King.

Zhou Zong

Zhou Zong , courtesy name Juntai (君太), was an official of the Chinese Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period state Southern Tang. Zhou was a close associate of its founding emperor Emperor Liezu and thus was honored by Emperor Liezu (Xu Zhigao/Li Bian) and his son and successor Emperor Yuanzong (Xu Jingtong/Li Jing).

Zhou Zhi-Hua
Zhou Zhi-Hua

Zhou Zhi-Hua is a Professor of Computer Science at Nanjing University. He is the Standing Deputy Director of the National Key Laboratory for Novel Software Technology, and Founding Director of the LAMDA Group.

Zhou Zhenhe

Zhou Zhenhe is a Chinese historical geographer and a distinguished senior professor at the Institute of Historical Geography of Fudan University in Shanghai. His main research interests are cultural and administrative geography and history of Sino-foreign cultural relations.

Zhou Zhennan

Zhou Zhennan is a Chinese rapper, singer, songwriter and dancer.