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David Quiroz

Mario David Quiroz Villón is an Ecuadorian Association footballer.

Gerald of Wales
Gerald of Wales

Gerald of Wales was a Cambro-Norman archdeacon of Brecon and historian. As a royal clerk to the king and two archbishops, he travelled widely and wrote extensively.

Giovanni Battista Giraldi
Giovanni Battista Giraldi

Giovanni Battista Giraldi was an Italian novelist and poet. He appended the nickname Cinthio to his name and is commonly referred to by that name (which is also rendered as Cynthius, Cintio or, in Italian, Cinzio).

Gerald Oshita

Gerald Oshita was an American musician, composer, and sound recordist. Oshita, who was of Japanese ancestry, lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and specialized in unusual wind instruments, particularly those of especially low register.

Giraldo, Antioquia
Giraldo, Antioquia

Giraldo is a town and municipality in Antioquia Department, Colombia.

Gerardus Odonis

Geraldus Odonis, Guiral Ot in Occitan, was a French theologian and Minister General of the Franciscan Order.

Giraldo González de la Renta

Gerardo Gonzalez was a farmer that owned a large amount of land in the southwest region of Puerto Rico, close to where today is the town of Hormigueros, which he founded in 1874.

Gerald of Salles

Gerald of Sales was a French monastic reformer from Salles, Lot-et-Garonne near Bergerac, Dordogne in the south-west of France. His feast day is on April 20.


Giraldo is a Spanish surname.