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GOAL! Changwon City in Korea Republic National League Pyeongtaek Citizen 0-1 Changwon City

Metakal142536 added a bet 'Pyeongtaek Citizen FC - Changwon City' with odds and prediction 1.54 for Changwon City (0), money back on draw, stake - 10/10

Changwon - Yangju: Home @ 1.99 +13.08% 1st May 06:00 GMT

🚨 LIVE 🚨 ⚽️ Coréia Sul - K League 3⚽️ Daejeon Korail X Cheonan City 📌 Ambos marcam | Odd 1.52 0,5 un

GOAL! Cheonan City in Korea Republic National League Daejeon Korail 0-1 Cheonan City

Astroboy<---- added a bet 'Changwon City - Yangju Citizen' with odds and prediction 2.10 for Changwon City, stake - 10/10

Abaco33 added a bet 'Daejeon Korail - Cheonan City' with odds and prediction 5.00 for Draw / Draw, stake - 6/10

Levsky added a bet 'Daejeon Korail - Cheonan City' with odds and prediction 2.10 for Draw, stake - 10/10

Team, Place & City Details

Changwon City FC

Changwon City FC is a South Korean football club based in the city of Changwon. The team plays in the Korea National League.

Changwon United FC

Changwon United FC is a South Korean football club, based in Changwon. Founded as Changwon Doodae FC in 1998, the club changed its name to crrunt name in August 2007.

Changwon LG Sakers

Changwon LG Sakers are a basketball team located in the city of Changwon in South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. The team's main sponsor is LG Electronics which has its offices in Changwon.

Changwon NC Park

Changwon NC Park is a baseball stadium in Changwon, South Korea. The stadium replaced the nearby Masan Baseball Stadium as the home of the NC Dinos in the KBO League.

Daejeon Korail FC

Daejeon Korail FC is a South Korean football club based in Daejeon. The team currently plays in the K3 League, the third tier of South Korean football league system.


Changwon is the capital city of Gyeongsangnam-do, on the southeast coast of South Korea. With a population of 1.07 million as of 2015, Changwon is South Korea's 9th most populous city.A port city, Changwon is bordered by Masan Bay to the south, and the cities of Busan and Gimhae to the east.

Changwon National University

Changwon National University is a public institution of higher education located in Changwon, an industrial city in the southeast of South Korea. It is home to the country's first graduate school of labor.

Changwon Sports Park
Changwon Sports Park

The Changwon Sports Park is a group of sports facilities in Changwon, South Korea. The complex consists of the Changwon Stadium, Changwon Gymnasium and a swimming pool.

Changwon station
Changwon station

Changwon Station is a train station in Changwon, southeast South Korea. It is on the Gyeongjeon Line and the Jinhae Line.

Changwon Football Center
Changwon Football Center

The Changwon Football Centre Stadium is a football-specific stadium and training ground in Changwon, South Korea. It is currently used mostly for football matches.

Changwon Hwang clan

Changwon Hwang clan is a Korean clan. With its bon-gwan in Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province, it remains the largest Hwang clan in South Korea.